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When Music Matters Stars Shine

Akademy Records commits to the following core values:



We will only release the very best music from the very best artists.



We will always research, develop, and use every possible resource to stay connected with the audiences and fans we serve.



Our sound will always strive to be at the forefront, our looks will be trendsetting, and our showmanship will be groundbreaking.



We will always pledge to provide the best deals and fair practices to ensure that all of our songwriters, producers, and artists receive the fairest share of all profits, revenues, and residuals that they are due.

At Akademy Records
We Have A Mission.

We will revolutionize the future of entertainment by developing and delivering iconic artist, timeless music, and unforgettable experiences.

Akademy Records Is Much More Than Your Traditional Record Label

Pioneered by Corte Ellis, Akademy Records can also provide:

Talent Management

We are perfectly equipped to handle and help in all aspects of the day-to-day business operations needed to navigate an artist career to super stardom.


With over 300 professional music placements and counting, our seasoned writers are here to provide hit records, jingles, and music scores that can win awards and drive royalties.

Music Production

We represent some of today’s hottest producers and can offer production for every sound and genre.

Artist Development

We seek out and partner with artist to cultivate and develop their careers both artistically and financially. Your success is our success at Akademy Records.

Music Publishing & Placement

We are a company for content creators founded by content creators. We have the network, experience, and relationships to help ensure your success.

Strategic Partnerships

Due to our extensive expertise and experience, Akademy Records is perfectly positioned to seek out and structure optimal relationships, and strategic alliances for our clients and corporate sponsors.

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Akademy Records Salutes JILL SCOTT On Her Number 1 Album Entitled ‘WOMAN’
Associate Executive Produced By CORTE ELLIS.

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Strategic Partnerships
Artist Development
Talent Management


Artist Development

Strategic Partnership

Talent Management

"Corte is amazing in the studio and really helped bring the most out of me musically." - Melissa Gorga (RHONJ)
"I’ve worked with Corte as a part of my songwriting arsenal for years. Our chemistry is phenomenal." - Timberland (Super Producer)
"I have had the pleasure of watching and helping Corte’s growth from the very beginning. I am proud to say that he is a true professional!" - Missy Elliot (Singer)
"The energy we had in the studio helped it feel less like work and really contributed to the magic that Corte and I were able to create." - Britney Spears (Singer)
"Working with Corte was very rewarding because he truly cares about the songs he helps to create." - Paris Hilton (Singer)